Eight people arrested for revealing the inaction of Iranian authorities

The Iranian regime’s security forces arrested eight people for disclosing the state of the recent earthquake in western Iran and lack of action by the authorities to assist earthquake victims and provide relief.
According to the reports, Arzhang Zargoush, a journalist from a provincial weekly, was arrested by intelligence agents on 23 November 2017 for publishing a video of the state of the Kermanshah earthquake and the lack action by the authority to provide help and relief in the village of Gaavmish-Cheran (Buffalo Cowboy), a suburb of Gilan-e Gharb county.
This journalist said in the video, “The authorities do not provide any service to the people and they are traitors and people want them to be overthrown.”
On the other hand, four citizens named Rahman Madani, Idriss Mahmoudi, Javanro Ghaderi and Salam Golnavaz were arrested in Sardasht on the charges of propaganda against the regime and disclosing the inaction of the regime’s officials and agents in connection with the earthquake disaster.
Meanwhile, on Sunday and Monday, 19 and 20 of November, two others, Majid Hassaniyani, in the village of Mirabad of Bukan city and Qassem Zargarzadeh in Kermanshah were arrested and transferred to a prison.
In addition, Shahram Farhadi was also arrested on 16 November 2017 in Sanandaj when he was loading people’s donations and help for the quake-stricken people in Kermanshah.

Source » iran-hrm

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