There is no accurate number of the killed or disappeared people by the Islamic regime forces since the beginning of the latest uprising against the regime in Iran.

The human rights organizations add to the number of the victims on a daily basis, but no one can confirm the death tolls.

According to the eyewitness reports from different cities in Iran, the number of the victims including adults and children is far more than the official figures and it appears that the regime could have murdered over 1000 Iranian citizens, and obviously the regime run media cannot be trusted.

The Islamic regime’s security forces keep the arrested protesters in different and unknown places without their families knowing about them.

The IRGC bases and temporary containers in prisons are places where many people are imprisoned and tortured and in some cities such as Kermanshah, based on local reports some of the released detainees have been raped.

The Islamic regime in Iran acts like ISIS (Daesh), after massacring the protesters they (the regime officials) show off their crimes in order to sow fear among the Iranian people and show them that any dissent will be dealt with by bullets.

Since the mullahs in power do not tolerate any opposition or dissent, they brutally cracked on the people who demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the regime all over Iran.

The use of brute force against people is the regime’s modus operandi, according to the videos and pictures received after the internet was back on , the people have been attacked by shotguns, Dragunov sniper rifles, tear gas, hand gun, machine guns and in some cases with tanks and armed drones.

One of the interesting points in the recent protests is that the regime operatives set fire on places which were out of reach of ordinary people and they accuse people for that! For example, they set banks on fire and attributed it to the protesters, they have also blocked the people’s accounts in those banks.

The self-declared leader of the Islamic regime calls the protesters “thugs” while the forces under his command have vandalized people’s cars and houses. The regime officials have used convicted criminals as their shock troops to attack the people, a method which they have used since the ominous inception of the Islamic regime.

The Islamic regime’s security apparatus broadcast forced confessions by the detainees and as Hassan Rouhani said, the confessions by detainees will be broadcast by the regime run media in the future.

What happened in Iran is in parallel with the events in Iraq. The people of the two countries suffer from the same problem: the atrocities caused by the Islamic regime of mullahs.

The only difference between the protests of Iranian and Iraqi people against their corrupt regimes is the silence of the European press vis a vis the nationwide uprising in Iran.

By so doing, the European media, have contributed to the barbaric crackdown on people in addition to violating their moral and professional obligations.

Meanwhile, we should bear in mind that the Iranian people have been supported only by the leaders of two countries, The United States President Donald Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Today, the Iranian youth who were born after the Islamic revolution have proven the illegitimacy of the regime, the bloodstained streets of the Iranian cities prove this fact.

The kleptocratic mullah regime is facing the young people who have nothing to lose due to the regime’s deprivations and without doubt the young generation of Iranians will cause the demise of the Islamic regime.

Source » thefreeiranian