A man convicted for the murder of an aide to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been executed in Iran.

Abbasali Soleimani, a former representative of the Guardian Council, was shot dead at a bank in Babolsar in April.

The execution took place on Wednesday morning in Babol prison, in the presence of members of Soleimani’s family, according to a report by Mizan news agency, which is affiliated with Iran’s judiciary.

Judges of the Islamic Republic had endorsed the “Qisas” (retaliation in kind) sentence for the perpetrator. The Supreme Court upheld the decision.

Various narratives surrounding the assailant’s motive have circulated within Iran. Hamshahri newspaper, affiliated with the Tehran Municipality, suggested a day after the incident that the murder stemmed from a disagreement between the bank guard and the bank’s deputy “over work-related issues”. The killer is said to have mistaken Solimani for the brother of the bank’s deputy.

An alternative account surfaced on social media, suggesting that Solimani went to the Babolsar branch of Bank Melli to withdraw 34 billion rials (approximately 70,000 USD) in cash. Reportedly, after being told by the bank’s director that the requested amount was not present in the branch, a financially struggling retired police sergeant shot him dead.

A video from inside the bank displayed the guard calmly approaching Solimani, seated on a chair, and shooting him. Bystanders promptly detained the assailant, who offered no resistance.

The killing of Abbasali Soleimani was part of a series of attacks on clerics which have taken place across various Iranian cities since Women, Life, and Freedom protests began last year.

Source » iranintl