Man and woman killed by the police: Iranian police killed a man and a woman yesterday (December 13) in southeastern and northwestern of Iran.

According to the Kurdistan Media website, police shot and killed a man in Mahabad, in Azerbaijan province north western Iran. The man was identified as Saleh Mohammadi Aghdam.

The report says that on December 13, police raided the Kani Soufi Rashid neighborhood in Mahabad looking to arrest a person. They attacked one of the homes in the neighborhood and opened fire.

There is no information on who the police were looking for. However, Saleh Mohammadi, a bakery worker who was near the site of the shooting was shot and killed. Several others were also injured.

In another incident, this time in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan, a Baluch woman was run over in a savage manner and killed by the security forces.

According to the Kurdistan Media website, local women in town of Rasek were holding a protest gathering to prevent the police from confiscating vehicles which the locals used to transport fuel. The police attacked the women by driving into their gathering. A woman identified as Khadijeh Dahani was injured during the attack and died on the way to the hospital.

This is not the first time that the security forces kill Balochi people under the pretext of preventing smuggling fuel to Pakistan. Due to lack of jobs there, many try to transport fuel to Pakistan as the only source of their income.

On October 16, a Balochi man identified as Mohammad Rostamzadeh, was killed by shot into his stomach. Also another man by the name of Ali Ashournia wounded on the leg by unauthorized firing on their boat by a naval force.

Source » irannewswire