Workers and pensioners demand economic rights in several cities across Iran

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Workers and pensioners: Workers, pensioners and teachers staged several protests today in cities across Iran to demand their economic rights.

Following calls for protests by a Pensioners Union, Social Security pensioners held protests in several cities in Iran including in the capital Tehran, Karaj, the northwestern city of Karaj, Gilan in northern Iran, the northeastern city of Mashhad, the southwestern cities of Ahvaz, Khoram Abad and Ilam, Yazd in central Iran and the northwestern city of Tabriz to demand their economic rights.

In Tehran, the protesters gathered outside the parliament holding signs that read “livelihood is our inalienable right” and “we are hungry” demanding that the government address their economic woes.

Hundreds of Iranian contract teachers also gathered today outside the parliament to protest the ambiguities of their employment status.

They want their employment status to be clarified and their contracts to be standardized.

According to these teachers, their colleagues receive only 300 thousands tomans a month in some provinces and have a 10-day insurance plan. This is while their working hours are no different from formal teachers.

Municipal workers and employees in the central province of Isfahan and Ilam, in southwestern Iran, also gathered today to protest their employment status.

According to a recent statement by an Iranian official, at least 60 million Iranians live under the line of poverty. Despite the growing poverty in the country, the regime spends millions of Dollars on funding its terrorist proxy groups in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and millions more on suppressing dissent.

Source » irannewswire

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