American man imprisoned in Iran pens suicide note

The family of an American man imprisoned in Iran has expressed serious concern for his well-being after he penned a suicide note.

Robin Shahini, 46, a dual Iranian-American citizen and resident of San Diego for the past 16 years, was sentenced in October to 18 years in prison for “collaborating with a hostile government,” referring to the United States.

His sentence also included a blasphemy charge for “insulting the revered” on a Facebook page, according to the official sentence handed to Shahini.

His trial lasted just three hours, his family said.

In an emotionally charged letter to his girlfriend, that was shared with The Foreign Desk, Shahini wrote, “The situation that I am in is ridiculous and my brain cannot cope with this situation. Most of the time thinking to end my life to become free.”

“People do mistake all the time and I am one of those people,” he said, adding “I do my best to cope with it but I do not know how long I can resist.”

Shahini is also a convert to Christianity, a factor his family believes has only added to his troubles with the Islamic Republic.

In an interview with The Foreign Desk in October, his family admitted that he was having trouble coping with the news of an 18-year sentence.

Following his sentencing, the State Department gave this response to The Foreign Desk: “We are troubled by reports that Robin (or Reza) Shahini, a person reported to be a U.S. citizen, may have been convicted and sentenced to eighteen years in prison. We reaffirm our calls on Iran to respect and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, cease arbitrary and politically-motivated detentions and ensure fair and transparent judicial proceedings in all criminal prosecutions consistent with its law and international obligations.”

Source: / foreigndesknews /

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