Iran’s Supreme Leader says Israel ‘will not exist in 25 years’

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini remembered what is really important to him: the eradication of Israel.

Conservatives and others are pointing out the incongruity between what President Barack Obama tells us about the regime on the other side of his vaunted Iran Deal, and what the regime regularly puts out as propaganda. Here Khameini assures those who want Israel obliterated that Iran is very much focused on this goal:

And he accuses the United States of blaming Islam for the crisis in Syria:

This was the same leader who called the capture of U.S. sailors by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as “God’s will” and later awarded the Iranian troops “victory” medals in an attempt to humiliate the United States.
President-elect Donald Trump has promised to completely undo Obama’s Iran deal, which he called “the worst deal ever made”.

Source: / theblaze /

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