Regime spends millions on terrorism while thousands of Iranians lives in tent cities

Over a year on from a devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Kermanshah, Iran that killed 600 people, injured 10,000 and left 70,000 homeless and the vast majority of those made homeless are still living in tents, despite the onslaught of brutal winter weather.

Iranian media reports from November 2017, advise that over 103 apartments were damaged – in fact, the cost of the damage was estimated to be 11 times more than the annual budget of the province. The reason for the extent of the damage is that a lot of the homes constructed by the Regime for poorer people to live in were made with substandard materials so that the contractors could get away with as much profit as they could.

But now, it appears the Regime have not learnt their lesson as the poor people of Kermanshah are still without adequate homes, forced to live in tents that fill with water every time it rains or snows and making doing with small electric heaters that do nothing.

State-run news agency IRNA wrote on November 27 that many people are still lacking basic shelter, even though the city streets are full of rain and mud that has “penetrated the tents of the victims of the earthquake”, and that the residents are trying to negate the situation by “using plastic sheets and digging water channels”.

This is something that is affecting the physical and mental health of survivors, from increasing their risk of disease to causing depression to take over the people.

One survivor told the state-run newspaper Arman: “They were supposed to build homes for us, the shelter would be enough right now.”

Of course, the Regime is singing a different tune. In October, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani claimed that “almost everybody” has returned to homes that were either rebuilt and fixed.

This is likely an attempt to distract the international community from the crisis as it will be another reason why the mullahs should be removed from power. It is also worth noting that Salamat News, another state-run website, accused the Iranian Regime of severely underestimating the numbers of those dead in the 2017 earthquake.

Worse still, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake has recorded this November, which injured more people – particularly the homeless – destroyed 600 more living places, and damaged another 3,500 places. It caused another $15 million worth of damages (based on a conversion rate of 150,000 rials to the US dollar).

Source » ncr-iran

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