Yemeni army shoots down Iranian-made Houthi drone

The Yemeni army announced on Tuesday that a military drone belonging to the Houthi militias was shot down in the eastern province of Marib.

The official website of the Yemeni army, that members of the 25th Mika brigade were able to shoot down the plane in the areas between the districts of Harib and Jubba south of the Marib province.

“After inspecting the wreckage of the aircraft carrying explosives, it turned out to be Iranian-made,” the statement read.

Several drones have been shot down in recent weeks in different Yemeni fronts where flight engineers from the Yemeni army confirmed that they were made in Iran. In April, two planes of the same type were dropped inside Saudi territory.

A report issued by the Center for Armed Conflict Research in London explained that Iran’s military technology had reached the Houthi militias by helping them use the drones they had previously said were homemade and which were smuggled to the Houthis with other weapons including ballistic missiles.

Source » alarabiya

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