Ahmadinejad warns over danger of regime collapse

On December 17 issuing an ultimatum, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demanded that the head of the Islamic Republic’s judiciary, Sadeq Amoli Larijani publishes documents related to his conviction within 48 hours. “Otherwise, I would publicly present my findings on the judiciary’s head and his performance during past eight years,” he warned.

Following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks on corruption within the regime’s judiciary,chairman of Guardian Council warned that such remarks are not going to be in the regime’s interests as head of judiciary is appointed by regime leader Khamenei.

Meanwhile, regime’s head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani threatens Ahmadinejad with house arrest, describing his remarks as ‘seditious and harmful for the entire regime’, saying “sedition leaders (back in 2009) kept saying that they didn’t accept the election results and the Guardian Council, and now these guys are saying that they don’t give any credence to the judiciary. They encouraged chaos, and these guys are also seeking the same through such moves like sitting in. Sedition does not belong to the past or the present. Raising different kinds of accusations against the judiciary and painting a black picture of the country’s situation is nothing less than sedition as anyone who seeks to harm the very regime through tarnishing its image is actually a seditionist.”

Larijani then pointed to Ahmadinejad’s remarks on the corruption he and the judiciary are involved in, including the murder of freedom’s martyr Sattar Beheshti under torture, saying “Ahmadinejad’s claiming that he shouted at me because of Sattar Beheshti’s case is a plain lie as he didn’t have the courage to do that.”

Larijani somehow confessed he played a role in murdering Sattar Beheshti, saying “Sattar Beheshti’s case was investigated by the judiciary itself. An offence was committed by a law enforcement officer, but the judge ultimately decided that the offender had no intention for committing the offence and that the offence was semi-intentional.”

With regard to his daughter’s espionage case, Larijani said that the issue was raised in regime’s Expediency Council, saying “Ahmadinejad spoke with secretary of Supreme National Security Council during an Expediency Council meeting, asking him about the latest on espionage case related to Mr. X’s daughter. He responds by saying that it’s basically a lie. Ahmadinejad then insists that the secretary is not aware of the situation, saying that he knows that she (Larijani’s daughter) has been arrested and even knows her whereabouts.”

Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad releases the letter written by a member of regime’s Expediency Council. The letter accuses Ahmadinejad of moving in line with regime’s enemies, seditionists and anti-revolutionaries, regardless of the country’s sensitive situation.

In response to the letter, Ahmadinejad writes “are you aware of the public discontent and protests against the country’s status, poverty, widening gap between the rich and poor and plundering public wealth? Are you aware of what’s going on in the country? Can’t you see enemies’ plots and their hope for overthrowing the regime, and the consequences they have brought? What do you think should happen so people’s shouts of protest are heard and attentions are drawn to serious dangers that are threatening the regime because of poor performance of such entities like the judiciary?”

“Authorities don’t equate to regime”, says Ahmadinejad, adding “Do you know what’s going on in security entities’ dedicated detention centers? Have you ever visited prisons, which were supposed to act like universities?”

On the other hand, Hamid Baghaei, former vice-president during Ahmadinejad’s term in office, points to head of judiciary’s remarks on his sitting-in, describing them as “blasphemy”, and “a sign of his disbelief in religion”, saying “the English were the only ones who opposed sitting-in.”

Speaking at a meeting between students and Ahmadinejad, Baghaee addressed Larijani, saying “you’re ridiculing sitting-in while that’s what Islamic clerics used to do. You don’t even respect the dress you’re wearing. How dare you insult clerics?”

As shown in a video from the meeting held on Thursday December 14, Baghaee maintains that “the only ones who opposed sitting-in in Abdol-Azim shrine were the English, offering the sitters-in to leave the place and go sit in at British embassy instead, and even enjoy the embassy’s meals. Did we go to the English to sit in?”

At this point in Baghaei’s speech, Ahmadinejad interrupts him to say “you wouldn’t have been regarded as a seditionist if you had gone there (British embassy).”

Hamid Baghaee said that head of judiciary’s remarks proves that judiciary officials are lying and that they actually disbelieve in religion.

Source » ncr-iran

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