Indian media say Tehran has offered New Delhi a strategic cooperation pact similar to the deal it signed with China in 2021.

Livemint website quoted two people aware of the matter on Monday as saying that the sanctions-hit country tries to attract Indian investments to develop its transport and energy infrastructure.

Based on the report, Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s deputy foreign minister confirmed the offer in his meetings with a group of experts during his visit to New Delhi last month.

Details of the proposed India-Iran pact are not yet clear. However, the matter is being considered by the Indian ministry of external affairs, sources added.

According to Indian media, a new pact with oil-rich Iran will help the world’s third largest oil consumer deal with high energy prices.

The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been pursuing ties with China and Russia as he continues opposing normal relations with West.

The long-term deal Iran signed with China is wrapped in mystery and so far has had little practical results, as US sanctions

Iran’s economy has been experiencing a sharp fall in the past four years and foreign investment has also decreased.

The violent suppression of the protests in the last three months has intensified the process of the withdrawal of Iranian and foreign capital and the devaluation of the country’s national currency.

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