FBI links Iran to online hit list targeting top officials who’ve refuted Trump’s election fraud claims

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The FBI has concluded that Iran was behind online efforts earlier this month to incite lethal violence against the bureau’s director, a former top U.S. cyber expert and multiple state elections officials who have refuted claims of widespread voter fraud promoted by President Trump and his allies, federal and state officials said Tuesday.

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and ousted Homeland Security Department official Christopher Krebs were among more than a dozen people whose ­images, home addresses and other personal information were posted on a website titled “Enemies of the People.” Crosshairs were superimposed over the photos.

Many of these officials in one way or another have attested to the security of November’s election, saying they had not seen evidence of widespread fraud — a conclusion at odds with Trump’s baseless claims that the election was rigged.

“The following individuals have aided and abetted the fraudulent election against Trump,” the website falsely claimed.

Iran was active in seeking to interfere in the U.S. election, targeting Democratic voters in October with fake but menacing emails that purported to be from a far-right group threatening recipients to vote for Trump “or we will come after you.”

Iran condemned the revelations — made by the top U.S. intelligence official, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe — as “baseless” and “absurd.”

In August, intelligence officials said that Iran was seeking to undermine U.S. democratic institutions and divide the country in advance of the election. They predicted that Iran’s efforts would focus on online influence, such as spreading disinformation on social media. The motivation, they said, was driven in part by a perception that Trump’s reelection would result in a continuation of U.S. pressure on Iran in an effort to foment regime change.

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