Ex-interior minister and Beirut MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq on Tuesday said Iran has welcomed the designation of new PM Hassan Diab which proves that the latter “does not represent the Lebanese or the Sunni community in Beirut.”

“We very much thank (Top Advisor to Iranian Leader) Ali Velyati for supporting the designation of Diab. His defense of Diab is a clear and frank declaration that he represents those who assigned him, and he does not represent the Lebanese, the people of Beirut, or the Sunnis,” Mashnouq lashed out in a tweet.

Iranian agencies quoted Velayati as saying that “Iran welcomes Diab’s appointment in respect for the choice made by the Lebanese.”

Velayati also said that demonstrations in Lebanon after the appointment of Diab to form the new cabinet are taking place at the “instigation” of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and that they will diminish in the end with the formation of the government.

Mashnouq added saying “as for the prophecy of Velayati that protests will diminish in Lebanon, he must not confuse between Lebanon and Iran. His regime has killed 1500 (Iranian) demonstrators. In Lebanon the army and security forces protect the protesters with wisdom. The revolution will flourish under the shadow of a PM-designate strange to his own people.”

Source » naharnet