The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, spoke of an upcoming war in the world “because of the shape of relations between the major powers.”

Aboul Gheit explained during statements carried by the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, that “the rapid rise in the power of China may enter the world into a cold war that will not necessarily be the same as the cold war that the world witnessed between the United States and the Soviet Union, due to the great interdependence between the two superpowers and the size common trade, and the great interests of each party, which may be threatened if they engage in a direct conflict. ”

The Secretary-General indicated that “Arab countries may find a greater margin for maneuver in light of the presence of two competing forces at the top of the international pyramid. However, the conditions of this competition will also place restrictions on movement as each superpower seeks to attract allies.”

Aboul Gheit warned during his speech, which dealt with changes at the international level, that “the Arabs must prepare to face international situations that will witness fluidity and speed in the rhythm of change, so that it will be difficult to anticipate future trends, stressing that the atmosphere of competition between China and America may be managed and set its rhythm.”

Aboul Gheit noted in his speech a number of features of the ongoing changes in the world, chief among them the decline of globalization and the emergence of populist nationalism, represented by “Brexit” and in the previous election of US President Donald Trump.

The Secretary-General also indicated that “Russia represents an important civilizational bloc with an imperial past that is still present in Russian consciousness, and that it is a great military force that has the will to play a role on the international stage, and China may succeed in attracting it towards it to form a coalition opposing the Western coalition that will be led by the United States.

Aboul Gheit said that “cyber wars” and self-directed weapons that operate with artificial intelligence represent new and unprecedented challenges to the security of societies, especially as they are areas that are still far from any regulatory legal framework.

The Arab world is facing difficult situations with its neighbors in the region; specifically that both Iran and Turkey have imperial ambitions in the Arab region that go back to previous eras, and that both of them invade the Arab space and establish areas of influence and seek hegemony,” warning that this is regional bullying.

“Unfortunately, it will continue in the coming period, due to the ideological underpinnings on which the policy of the two countries is based, and the embrace of political Islam by the ruling regimes in them as a pretext for interference in the Arab countries,” he added.

Source » almasdarnews