Drug addicts arrested and sentenced to death in Iran

More than 1,000 drug addicts were arrested on December 24, 2017, during an operation conducted by the State Security Force in different neighborhoods of Tehran, according to the state-run ISNA news agency.

Today, addiction and use of drugs are widespread in Iran, particularly among children and students, in Iran. There is a direct correlation between poverty, homelessness and addiction, as children living on the edge of the cities generally use drugs.

A survey carried out by a drug control group has found that about 2.8 million people are regularly consuming drugs in the country.

The head of a working group on drugs in the Expediency Council, Saeed Safatian, told the official IRNA news agency that the number of drug users might be even higher.

The majority of Iran’s at least 14 million drug users drug users are young men and women. The average age of addiction in Iran has dropped to 13, according to reports published by state media. However, there are numerous reports of children as young as 3 and 4 who start using drugs along with their addicted parents, and an increasing number of infants who are born with drug addiction.

Disappointingly, the Iranian regime has no short or long-term plans to contain the unbridled spread of addiction especially among the young populace.

Experts argue that easy access to cheap narcotic drugs has contributed to the horrific number of drug addicts in Iran. It is common knowledge that narcotics can be purchased much easier than a loaf of bread.

Source » iran-hrm

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