12 year old girl was summoned for improper veiling in Iran

Kiana Abdipour a 12-year-old Iranian gymnast girl was summoned to the Disciplinary Committee after her photos were published showing her in gymnastic leotards.

“Photos of the presence of an Iranian gymnast girl in a competition hosted by Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia were recently published in which there is no veil or proper cover for this teenage girl. The gymnastic outfit for this athlete is just like the same outfit that non-Muslim athletes wear during the competition,” the state-run Tasnim news agency claimed on December 25.

“She has not been sent by the Federation, the trip was managed by her family and she was accompanied by her father on this trip,” Head of the Gymnastics Federation said.

“Unfortunately, we have to deal with this case and by the decision of the disciplinary committee, we will inform the Ministry of Sports and Youth about the work to be done,” Zahra Incheh added.

Farshid Abdiopour, the father of the ten-year-old Kiana Abdipour, has rejected the claims made against her daughter, saying her daughter has not attended in Malaysian gymnastics competition.

He stressed that the photos circulated on social networks relates to his daughter’s training while they were on a family trip to Armenia.

Women’s dress is subject to strict rules in Iran, which employs thousands of morality police to ensure they are covered with veil, punishing any infractions with arrests and fines.

In a recent case 28-year-old futsal player Shiva Amini was banned from playing for various Iranian clubs and even from coaching after she posted videos of herself in social media playing football without the hijab while on vacation in Europe.

Earlier this year Dorsa Derakhshani, member of the Iranian Women’s National Chess Team and the sixth world champion in under-18 games, was also deprived of participating in national tournaments for not covering her hair in the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The director of Iran’s Chess Federation, Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, said she deserves to be “seriously dealt with” for not observing the veil in Egypt.

Source » iran-hrm

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