British MP Alicia Kearns on Monday urged all persons from the West to leave Iran after seven persons linked to the United Kingdom (UK) were recently arrested.

The persons were arrested while trying to leave Iran due to the protests. In a statement, Kearns said, “Iranian government had shown it would “happily” detain people with dual nationality, and expressed fears that some could be arrested even as they tried to flee the country.

“If I was a British foreign national in Iran, I would absolutely be leaving, because there is evidence that they will use them in any game of chess they can and they will face brutal repression. I would encourage anyone who is Western to try to leave Iran as safely as they can,” she added.

The British foreign ministry is seeking more information from Iran on British Iranians being arrested by the latter. It is to be noted that the country-wide protest in Iran was sparked by the death of Mahasa Amini, who was assaulted by the morality police in September.

Source » siasat