A joint statement has been issued by 170 prominent political, social, and cultural activists in Iran condemning the Islamic Republic’s governance priorities.

The group of activists expressed concern over the government’s emphasis on the mandatory hijab policy, labeling it as the country’s top priority while neglecting pressing issues affecting the nation such as poverty and corruption.

The activists present a damning array of statistics to underscore the severity of the situation. These include “a disturbing 40% increase in suicide rates over the past decade, a mere 14% economic participation rate for women, a 60% growth in households covered by relief committees over five years, and the exclusion of 930,000 students from education in the past year.”

Additionally, high unemployment rates among university graduates and thousands of unnatural deaths, including incidents like traffic accidents, are cited as indicators of the nation’s suffering.

Amidst the challenges, the activists argue for a shift in focus towards “organized, disciplined, and non-violent protests, civil disobedience, and the fostering of organized unity among activists, particularly the younger generation.” They emphasize the need for a “unified front to address the significant economic issues plaguing Iran, such as severe inflation, declining purchasing power, and the expansion of poverty.”

Notable figures among the signatories of the statement include Abolfazl Ghadiani, Alireza Rajaei, Keyvan Samimi, and Parvaneh Salahshouri.

Source » iranintl