Iranian military threat rising north of Israel

Israeli military commanders and analysts are closely watching the northern border as Iranian-backed Syrian forces continue to advance towards a strategic area along that country’s border with Israel and Lebanon.

The Syrian and Iranian forces have moved east and south of the area of Beit Jin in southern Syria, located southwest of Damascus on the foothills of Mount Hermon, which up to this point has been held by Sunni rebel forces.

Western intelligence has confirmed the Shi’ite militias include the Hezbollah terrorist guerrillas, who are playing a major part in the ongoing battles, according to Reuters.

Iranian-backed forces are trying to solidify their territory from the area southwest of Damascus — known as the Western Ghouta, already under Syrian regime control — down to the border with Israel, according to the rebel fighters.

A source quoted by Reuters reporter Suleiman Al-Khalidi said the Iranians are pushing to establish a strategic presence along the Israeli border in the Syrian Golan Heights. Thousands of Shi’ite fighters have been recruited by Iran to fight on behalf of Syria from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The IDF has stepped up its own activities in the north in order to maintain deterrence levels, striking Iranian targets inside Syria.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman had a similar message for his Russian counterpart in October when Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu arrived in Tel Aviv.

“We won’t get involved in the internal affairs of Syria,” he told Shoigu, “but by the same token we also won’t allow Iran and Hezbollah to transform Syrian territory into an advanced military operating base against Israel.”

Source » jewishpress

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