While the Left was spinning conspiracy theories about conservatives and Russian trolls on social media, its own social feeds were filled with Iranian and Qatari propaganda showing a Pallywood production of “starving children” in Yemen caused by the Saudi campaign against Iran’s Houthi Jihadis.

The Iranian-Qatari propaganda has been so successful that even a number of Republicans voted for a Qatari Senate resolution targeting the Saudis and backing Qatar, and by extension, Iran.

But the media has been the greatest vector for propaganda on behalf of the Iranian terror campaign in Yemen.

Take the latest Washington Post report on the “famine” in Yemen. Much like the “famine” in Gaza, this is a cynical bid by an Islamic terror group to manufacture a human rights crisis to stop a more powerful adversary from defeating it.

“An unnatural disaster” by Sudarsan Raghavan features the expected “starving children” photos.

The word “Houthi”, the Iranian-backed terror group behind it all, appears only three times in the article. “Iran” appears only once. “Saudi” appears 10 times.

This is what Iranian propaganda looks like. And the media is full of it.

The Washington Post’s propaganda piece only makes one reference to the Houthi role in the famine.

“To a lesser extent, the rebels are in fact also at fault for rising prices. They impose heavy checkpoint “fees” on businesses importing food and fuel, aid workers say.

The head of the rebels’ Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, said they have not received complaints about such fees.”

Yes. No complaints.

The Washington Post wins this year’s Duranty Award.

Source » frontpagemag