An informed source told IranWire that Parisa Sadeghi (Vahdati), a Baha’i citizen living in Tehran, has reported Evin Prison to serve her 6-month sentence.

This Baha’i citizen was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence agents at her home on October 18, 2017, during a celebration of the 200th birthday of the founder of the Baha’i Faith. Parisa Sadeghi (Vahdati), was released on bail from Evin Prison after 25 days of temporary detention.

Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran, presided over by Judge Moghiseh, sentenced Ms. Sadeghi (Vahdati), to five years’ imprisonment on charges of running and membership in the Baha’i community, and up to one year ‘s imprisonment and a total of six years’ imprisonment for sharing information about the Baha’i Faith.

Following a retrial in Branch 36 of the Court of Appeals, the sentence was commuted to five years ‘imprisonment, and Ms. Sadeghi (Vahdati), was acquitted of propaganda charges. Finally, te Court of Administrative Justice reduced her sentence to six months’ imprisonment.

The Baha’is, the largest religious minority in Iran, have been systematically persecuted by the Islamic Republic over the past forty years and deprived of their most obvious citizenship rights.

Source » iranpresswatch