Iranians continue protests – Five rallies on December 29

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In the lead-up to 2021, the Iranian people continued their struggle for their inherent rights. In this context, they held at least five rallies and strikes in different cities in the span of 24 hours.

In their protests, Iranians from different walks of life expressed their complaints against the regime’s irresponsible policies in diverting rivers’ paths, causing sabotage in the literacy movement, expanding unemployment, and failing to pay people’s salaries.

Locals Protest Construction of Tile Factory

In Yazd province—the Faragheh village locals protested against the construction of a tile factory in this area. Faragheh farmers who deal with water shortage believe that this factory will endanger the region’s environment.

Notably, fertile gardens and farms have covered around 3,000 hectares of Faragheh village’s lands. Locals reckoned that the factory must be placed in an area farther from agricultural lands.

Rally of Literacy Movement’s Teachers

In Yazd province—teachers affiliated with the literacy movement demanded officials clarify their employment status. These people had worked from 2013 to 2019. However, the Education Department has refrained from recruiting them officially. To carry out their cries, teachers held a rally in front of the Yazd Provincial Governorate.

Unemployed Youths Rally in Front of Khuzestan Foulad Company

In Khuzestan province—a group of youths from the Ghal’e Chan’an village staged a rally in front of the entrance gate of the Khuzestan Foulad [steel] company. They protested officials for hiring non-native forces for the company while young locals are unemployed. In the past weeks, young people of this village frequently gathered at the place, but they have yet to receive an answer.

Khuzestan is Iran’s oil-rich province, which benefits from several large rivers such as Karun. Furthermore, there are many factories across the province that can resolve the unemployment phenomenon in this area. However, profiteering officials prefer to distribute employments and careers among their relatives, creating an ongoing dilemma for the locals.

Urmia Bus Drivers’ Protest in Front of Majlis

In Tehran province—a group of intercity bus drivers from Urmia city in Western Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran, held a rally in front of the Parliament (Majlis). Bus drivers protested the local municipality for failing to pay their salaries.

Last week, in a publicity stunt, the Urmia mayor visited private bus drivers and claimed their problems had been resolved. However, protesters say that “We have been exhausted from the mayor’s unkept promises.” In this context, they held their rally in front of the Majlis to show their complaint and demand their inherent rights.

Kerman Residents Protest a Plan for Transferring Water

In Kerman province—the people, who reside around Jaz Murian wetland, held a gathering, protesting the transfer of the wetland’s water to the north of the province. They say that “the plan would eliminate Jaz Murian wetland and agriculture in this area.”

In previous years, farmers in different cities raised their voices against the regime’s destructive policies. However, the government did not care about farmers’ water shortage dilemma and occasionally responded to protesters with violence. Nonetheless, the farmers still struggle for their fundamental rights.

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