City Officials Beat Grave-Sleepers out of Cemetery in Tehran, Iran

Following the reports published in Shahrvand newspaper on people sleeping in empty graves, officials in Nasirabad, Shahryar, beat the homeless out of the cemetery on Tuesday morning, December 27.In a report titled ‘once again, trying to resolve the problem by wiping it out‘, a state newspaper reacted to the event, writing: “following a report in Shahrvand newspaper on people sleeping in empty graves in Nasirabad cemetery in Sharyar, city officials beat the homeless out of the cemetery in an urgent plan on Tuesday morning. This happened while the Governor of Sharyar Saeid Naji had promised in his interview with IRNA news agency that the situation of the homeless sleeping in Nasirabad cemetery in Shahryar will be specially dealt with.”

Ghanoon newspaper wrote: “interestingly, the city of Baghestan in which Nasirabad Cemetery is located, has the biggest number of drug rehab centers in Tehran province.”

A number of journalists and people from charities went to Nasirabad Cemetery on Tuesday December 27, to see for themselves the situation of the homeless sleeping in empty graves there, only to be faced with an empty cemetery. After a lot of searching, however, they could finally find one of the so-called grave-sleepers who, with fear and apprehension, told the journalists and charity people: “leave us alone. A group of officials came here early in the morning and beat us out of here, now we don’t have even an empty grave to sleep in.”


After being kicked out of the cemetery, the homeless took shelter in an unfinished building nearby.

According to reports, 50 people sleep in empty graves each night. Each empty grave can accommodate up to four people.

Sheer demagogy

On Wednesday December 29, at a session in Tehran. In an act of sheer demagogy Iran regime’s president Rouhani stated “Who can accept that dozens of his countrymen who have suffered social ills take refuge to graves at night because of homelessness?” and continued: “We had heard that some due to addiction, poverty, and destitution, sleep in the streets, sleep under bridges,… But we had rarely heard of grave sleepers. We had rarely heard that a poor person, sleeps in a grave due to poverty and destitution.

In this regard Rouhani should answer a simple question: why instead of spending tens of billions of dollars of unfrozen assets, in Syria to massacre the residents of Aleppo, continuing internal suppression & missile production? And letting mullahs to plunder a major part of this national wealth you did nothing to provide a simple shelter for these helpless people?

Source: / ncr-iran /

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