Despite the current debt of $13.33 billion of Iran’s government to the Social Security Organization, Ebrahim Raisi’s government has considered a budget for this organization equivalent to $107 million. The budget and financial fund of the Social Security Fund have long been the backyard of the regime’s corrupt governments. News of embezzlement in the fund’s property has a long story.

Also, the minimum government debt for 2021 and the cost of equalization of salaries was about $4.3 billion.

Akbar Shaukat, the former member of the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Fund in an interview with ILNA expressed his surprise at the allocation of only $107 million for the Social Security Fund and asked how just $107 million has been considered for a one-year government share for the premium of the special strata, while at a minimum, the government must pay about $4.3 billion in debts and matching costs in the current year.

Shaukat noted that they are not talking about the government’s past debts to the Social Security Fund, but said that the least they are expecting from the regime’s government is that the current government should pay to the Social Security Organization its current dept.

It is worth noting that the current debt that Shaukat is speaking about it consists of two parts. The first part is the number is the 3 percent share that Raisi’s government has accepted as the employer, including the share of beekeepers’, the porters’, and workshops’ insurance with less than 5 workers, etc., which is an amount of $2.2 billion.

The second part mentioned by Shaukat is the cost related to the equalization of salaries, which also includes a figure of $2.2 billion that the regime’s government must pay for 2021.

In addition, Shaukat states that the total debt of the government in addition to the above amounts to the Social Security Organization is over $13.33 billion, which has been accumulated over time and previous governments did not pay until now.

Shaukat also referred to the $107 million Tomans for the government’s share in the payment of insurance premiums for special strata and said that paying just $107 million will not solve any problem of the Social Security Organization.

He added that while social security receives a monthly commitment of $214 million from the bank, how do they consider $107 million for a year of government share for the premiums of the special strata?

It is worth noting that a policy like that of Raisi’s government for the 2022 budget was applied in the Rouhani government to drivers and carpet weavers, and their insurance was abolished.

Referring to the regime’s financial and budget contractionary policy on the Social Security Fund, Shaukat said that Raisi’s government, like the Rouhani administration, wants to spend the costs out of the people’s pockets.

In other words, Raisi’s government not only did not pay the government debt to the social fund and has no plan to implement it, but also reduced the budget and added more obstacles to the many problems of this fund.

It should be noted that when the support coefficient of the Social Security Fund decreases from 6.1, the fund will face a crisis and at present, this figure is 5.4.

With these descriptions, the Social Security Fund has passed the threshold of crisis and entered a period of catastrophe and social explosion.

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