Khomeini’s grandson expects Iranian regime to collapse

Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Iranian regime, has said that he expects the Iranian regime to collapse, saying there is no guarantee the regime will survive.

“The foundation of any society is to win people’s satisfaction. There is no guarantee that we stay in power and the others go” local media quoted Hassan as saying.

“The continued collapse of society and the spread of hatred and hypocrisy lead to forcing people to have two personalities,” he said.

“If we lose our principles, and become preoccupied with formalities instead of fundamentals, it is an alarm bell that signals danger to this society” Hassan.

Two days ago, Faezeh Rafsanjani, daughter of the late Iranian leader Hashemi Rafsanjani said: “the regime has morally collapsed and the Iranian regime’s body would follow if an alternative to the current regime became available to the people”.

Source » middleeastmonitor

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