The war of the rich with poor is the title of an article published by the state-daily Etemad on December 27, 2021, which is confessing about the deep class gap in Iran society and warned the regime’s officials that, “this will operate as a very dangerous poison.”

About the unbridled poverty and “dimension of the gap between the rich and the poor” in the mullahs’ regime it added:

“Unfortunately, in our society, the gap between the poor and the upper class is widening day by day, and if someone claims that we are moving towards a completely bipolar society with incredible speed, this claim cannot be reasonably and documented rejected. The middle class is being divided between the rich and the poor with a completely unequal ratio.

“In other words, the travel of the middle class to the queue of the lower class is much than those who become rich by rent-seeking and corruption. The middle class which is responsible for the progression, stability, consciousness, and calmness of the society is getting less populous day by day.”

The truth is that according to the regime’s officials more than 40 million Iranians need immediate help. They are warning each other that poor people contrary to the middle class are in sheer silence, but their cry will be heard on the street suddenly and it will be very loud.

It seems that now the regime’s officials are understanding and feeling the numbers of inflation, liquidity, poverty line, million people living in the margins, budget deficit, and the money needed for investment.

But this is too late for a regime with a case of forty-year of destruction. The only solution for any real change in Iran is the overthrow of this regime. No hope is left for the people. The state-run daily Aftab-e Yazd in an article entitled, “Iranians the saddest people of the world”, pointed to the situation of the people under the grimy reign of this regime and wrote:

“Our society has lost its joy. The mental state of the people and the sadness of the people are evident in the normal events of life.

“According to a 2015 survey, Iran was ranked 105th out of 115 countries surveyed for happiness factors.

About seven years have passed since this research, and without any doubt, due to the increasing economic and psychological pressures in recent years, Iran is close to the end of the table, and now the Iranian people are among the saddest people in the world. An important part of the fact that Iranians today have become sad people is rooted in the problems they face daily.

“The tolerance threshold of the people has dropped sharply, and they will lose their patience with the slightest provocation. Undoubtedly, a person who is not spiritually secure easily has the opportunity to become destructive.”

The misery of the regime and the deadlock of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his president Ebrahim Raisi can be seen in this short paragraph. In which the state-run daily Etemad is begging them to accept the nuclear negotiations as a solution to pull out the regime from this misery.

“It is hoped that with this new understanding, they will look at the Vienna talks and, in this way, they provide the possibility of immediate assistance to the deprived and prevent that the wealth and palaces of the rich ignite the anger of the poor. Our society needs real peace, and any unrest will act as a deadly poison.”

All the wealth in the country is in the hand of the regime’s elements and officials and the anger of the people is pointed at them.

Source » iranfocus