Bank Refah Kargaran – Involved In

New sanctions on Iran’s financial institutions

Washington has blacklisted virtually all of Iran’s financial sector, striking an economy already hit hard by U.S. sanctions.
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ifmat - Saba Tamin Affiliated Banks

Saba Tamin Investment working with sanctioned entities

The SabaTamin Investment Company is a financial holding company that provides the services in financial markets at national and international levels. According to Saba Tamin official website they are ...
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ifmat - OFAC sanctioned entities owns shares in NICICO

NICICO is owned by entities that are sanctioned by OFAC

According to National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (NICICO) official website (, shareholders of NICICO are...
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ifmat - Iran Supreme Leader again feeding fantasies to Palestinians

The Banks of Ayatollah

Of all the problematic aspects of the Joint Plan of Action recently signed in Geneva by Iran and the six world powers...
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ifmat - Details on the 47 Billion Embezzlement from Bank Refah

Details on the 47 billion embezzlement from Bank Refah

Chief Justice of the North Khorasan Province explained the latest details of embezzling 47 billion from the...
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ifmat - European banks ink financing deals with Iran

European banks ink financing deals with Iran

For the first time since last year’s lifting of sanctions against Iran, two European banks have announced the signing of financing deals with Iranian banks...
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