Chief Justice of the North Khorasan Province explained the latest details of embezzling 47 billion from the Welfare Bank of North Khorasan Province, saying that he was arrested on the order of the interrogator of the second defendant’s case.

In an interview with Khordad, Hojatoleslam and Al-Muslimin, Ghotti explained in a conversation with the amount of the latest details of the 47 billion-ruble embezzlement of the Welfare Bank of North Khorasan Province, and said that the second defendant had been arrested on the orders of the interrogator.

He added that to date, 47 billion rials have been withdrawn from interbank accounts and there is a probability of an increase in the amount of embezzlement, according to the defendants using fake passwords that they were transferring funds from interbank accounts.

The judiciary went on to say: “This person used the time needed to transfer funds to transfer funds to his own account, and this cycle has been in progress until the bank’s inspection by entering accounts undermines the inconsistency between accounts and inventory deductions.

He added: he informed the head of the branch of the case on this matter at the court and was arrested on the order of the prosecutor of the offender.

He added that according to investigations and inspections carried out last night another defendant’s accomplices were arrested on the order of the investigating officer.

The head of the justice department of the Khorasan province continued: At the request of the prosecutor, in the preventive action, more than 8 billion USD have been seized from the defendant’s house.

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