Hossein Rahban, a veteran senior operative in Quds Force’s Department 400, is subordinate to the department’s commander Hamed Abdollahi.

Rahban was recently exposed as having handled a terror network on behalf of Quds Force, headed by two Iranian citizens living in Iran, Ali Feyzipour and Mohammad Reza Arabloo. Activity by the network has been traced in Iraq, Armenia, Israel, and elsewhere.

Feyzipour and his network were working on behalf of Rahban to obtain weapons in Georgia in order to assassinate an Israeli citizen there. Members of Feyzipour’s and Arabloo’s network in Georgia were arrested there in November 2022, and admitted to carrying out terror activity, as did the team that received the weapons from them and was planning to carry out the assassination.

Rahban himself, as a senior Department 400 official, operates mainly from Tehran and Iraq.

Details on Hossein Rahban:

NID: 2248871511

DOB: 23 August 1977.

Lives in the Alborz neighborhood in Tehran.

ifmat - Hossein Rahban a veteran senior operative in Quds Forces Department 400