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ifmat - Economic warfare on Iran

Economic warfare on Iran – Is there a financial economic solution in the confrontation with Iran?

Most of the measures were announced in the past, yet were not executed due the differences in the political and commercial interests of different countries involved.
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How Iran’s Regime Has Turned Internet Censorship Into a Lucrative Business

In Iran, under the clerical dictatorship, internet censorship has become a systemic practice with the regime reaping the most benefits in terms of intelligence as well as cash. The ...
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ifmat - Bonyad Taavon Sepah - Operational Scheme

A deep dive Into Iranian Bonyads and how they work

For decades, Iran’s post-revolutionary governments have perpetuated a culture of opacity in political and economic dealings. This culture was exacerbated by Iran’s new ruling elites 1, who in their ...
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ifmat - The Internet has no place in Khamenei vision for Iran future

The making of a shadow economy

An insider’s testimony about the genesis of bonyads and the dynamics of Iran’s pseudo-privatization
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Hamas as Tehran’s Agent

Since the late 1980s, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been plying the Hamas terrorist group with cash and weapons while also teaching it how to be self-sufficient. With ...
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ifmat - Iran Tax pressure on the people and exemption for the rich

Iran: Tax pressure on the people and exemption for the rich

In a critical situation where most of the Iranian regime’s officials and media outlets are warning its leaders to take control over the inflation and astronomical prices of most ...
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