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Ahmadian’s appointment completes Khamenei’s purification project

The recent removal of controversial Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Ali Shamkhani from his role as the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s top foreign and security ...
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Mossad and Cyprus foil Iran’s terror cell targeting Jews

The Mossad helped Cyprus crack an Iranian terror cell, according to sources on Sunday, 25th of June. The spy agency said that it had assisted Cyprus with thwarting Iran’s ...
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Khamenei Warning Reveals the Divide Between Irans Intelligence Agencies

On June 22, the Fars news agency, affiliated with Iran’s regime’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), published a message from Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, addressed to a joint meeting of ...
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Teheran Security Apparatus Urged to Overcome Divisions

On June 22, Iran’s state media reported a meeting between the chief of staff of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and heads of the regime’s several security apparatuses. ...
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How Iran’s State-Run Housing Mafia Is Damaging the Lives of Millions of Iranians

Shared houses, rooftop sleeping, bus accommodations, graves, and various other forms of makeshift shelters have become an everyday sight in Iran due to poverty. Purchasing a house has turned ...
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ifmat - Internet Must Be Restricted Because Enemy Controls It Ex-IRGC Official

Internet Must Be Restricted Because Enemy Controls It: Ex-IRGC Official

Former head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard intelligence and advisor to its commander says the “enemy” controls the Internet, so it has to be restricted. Hossein Ta’eb stated that today ...
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