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Tehran Municipality Slams Domestic Producers to Justify Chinese Deal

To defend a covert agreement to procure traffic equipment from China, the Tehran Municipality has erected banners and billboards across the capital, which critics argue "denigrate" domestic producers. “Why ...
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IRGC Set To Enter Iran’s Auto Industry As Economic Dominance Expands

The IRGC looks set to enter Iran's auto industry and is awaiting approval from the country's supreme leader as the state security forces expand its economic dominance in Iran. ...
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Price Surge in Iran’s Automotive Market

Simultaneously with the continued turmoil in the currency exchange rate in Iran, the prices of both domestic and foreign cars in the country have risen, with reports indicating an ...
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The Corruption and Power Struggles Within Iran’s Car Market

In continuation of the ongoing exploitation of the Iranian people, the regime’s parliament has finally passed a bill that gives the approval to import used cars. These lethal vehicles, ...
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ifmat - Iran and Venezuela set up direct shipping services to evade US sanctions

Iran and Venezuela set up direct shipping services to evade US sanctions

Iran has claimed it is operating a direct shipping service to Venezuela to boost its exports and work around US sanctions on both nations. The official Iranian news agency ...
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ifmat - Irans SAIPA signs 497 million car deal with Russia Belarus

SAIPA signs $497 million car deal with Russia and Belarus

A major Iranian automobile manufacturer announced on Wednesday an agreement to send vehicles to Russia and Belarus. The deal follows Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Iran in March ...
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