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ifmat - US imposes fresh sanctions targeting Iran petroleum

U.S. imposes fresh sanctions targeting Iran’s petroleum

The United States is committed to significantly reducing Iranian energy exports and will sanction those facilitating Iran’s petroleum and petrochemical trade. Today, the Department of the State is designating ...
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ifmat - IRGC Financial Empire

IRGC Financial Empire

The IRGC is the main force of the regime, which both oppresses people inside Iran and exports chaos and terrorism abroad. But the question is how this entity is ...
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ifmat - Iran Supreme Leader threatens America must receive another slap from Iran

Controlled companies by Ghadir Investment Company

Ghadir Investment Company, one of Iran’s largest investment companies, which in turn is affiliated with the Supreme Leader of Iran...
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ifmat - The Iranian regime use of petrochemical revenues to finance terrorism

The Iranian regime’s use of petrochemical revenues to finance terrorism

According to available information, the most important source of funds by means of which the mullahs' regime finances...
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ifmat - IRGC Petrochemical Chain

IRGC controls Ghadir Investment Company

he Joint Plan of Action (JPA) signed on November 24 between Iran and the P5+1, stipulates a set of mutual concessions for a six-month period while the two sides ...
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