Ghadir Investment Company, one of Iran’s largest investment companies, which in turn is affiliated with the Supreme Leader of Iran. The chairman of Ghadir Investment Company since December 2017, Mohammad Talebi, was previously a senior executive of EIKO and head of the Central Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

According to some reports IRGC Controls Ghadir Investment Company. (Parsian Oil and Gas Company (POGC) is controlled by the IRGC through the Ghadir Investment Company (80.18%), the Bahman Group (1.1%) and the Kia Mahestan Company (1.66%)).

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) it is owned by the Tadbir Group, sanctions are removed from the SDN list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but identified as part of the Government of Iran, prohibiting transactions with U.S. parties;

Ghadir Investment Company had more than 130 subsidiaries, and profits surpassing 12,000 billion rials.

Ghadir Investment Company is the main shareholder in the following companies:

Marine & Transportation Holding

Negin Kish International Onshore & Offshore Company, whose main shareholder is Ghadir Investment Company, was established in 2010. This multipurpose holding company which serves as one of Iran’s major transportation service providers, continues to grow to this day and aims to constantly enhance the quality of the services of its subsidiary companies and to create synergy within various fields of transportation including onshore (rail and road), marine and air transportation.

Subsidiary Companies:
– Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish (Privates J.S)
– Marine Services(Ltd.)
– Iran Marine Service(Privates J.S)
– Inter Seas
– Alrahma
– SepehrTarabar Ghadir(Privates J.S)
– Georgia Marine Service
– International Petrochemical Commercial

Industries & Mining Holding

Investment in aluminium (Aluminium Jonoub Company) and steel (Steel Alloy, Ghadir Iranian and Neyriz Steel Companies) production industries, mining sector (Gohar Zamin and Nikel Karan Kabir Fars Companies) as well as electrical equipment manufacturing companies (Motogen Company).

The subsidiary companies of Ghadir Industries & Mines Development Company are as follows:
– Neyriz Steel Company
– Motojen Company
– Alloy Steel Company
– Ghadir Iranian Iron & Steel Company
– Aluminium Jonoub Company
– Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Company
– Gole Gohar Iron & Steel Company
– Arfa’ Iron & Steel Company
– Qeshm Steel Company
– Sanat Pars International Development
– Caspian Andisheh Sanat Novin Company
– Nikel Karan Kabir Fars Company

Financial Trading Holding

This company is involved in offering all sorts of financial services including, capital raising, brokerage, market making, investment advice, portfolio management, processing financial data, as well as leasing and insurance services. Other services include:
Investment in bonds, Conducting economic research, Offering monetary and financial services.

Ghadir Investment company is the sole owner of this company.

Energy & Electrical power Holding

This company was established in 2011, as a specialized holding company with the objective of serving our country, by investing in water and electrical power industries, which are the backbone of economic development and social welfare. In doing so, Energy & Electrical Power Investment Company invests in power plants, in constructing combined cycle and small scale power plants, transfer installations, water transfer installations such as desalination equipment, etc.

Subsidiary Companies:
– Masire Gilan Power Development Company
– Gilan Power Generation Management Company
– Khouzestan Mapna Power Generation Company
– Hamoun Aboumousa Ghadir Power Company
– Qeshm Gostar Power Generation Company
– Ghadir Lamerd Power Company Ghadir Energy Company
– Ghadir Oxin Electricity Development Company
– Caspian Gilan Ghadir Energy Company
– Khorshid Ghadir Energy & Electricity Company

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Holding

Established in 2007, Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company (public joint stock), also known as POGDC, is currently the largest and most important holding company in Iran which runs numerous refineries and petrochemicals complexes.

Some of POGDC’s subsidiary companies include:
– Tabriz Oil Refinery
– Shiraz Oil Refinery
– Pars Farayand Shiraz Refinery
– Pardis Petrochemical
– Zagros Petrochemical
– Shiraz Petrochemical
– Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries
– Pars Petrochemical
– Tabriz Petrochemical
– Kiyan Petrochemical
– Khorasan Petrochemical
– International Petrochemical Commercial
– Parsian Rail Transportation
– Petrochemical Terminals
– Hamoun Sepahan Investment
– Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery
– Oil Construction & Engineering
– Petrochemical Downstream Industries
– Tejarat No Insurance companies

Construction Holding

Ghadir Capital & Industry Development Company was established as Ghadir’s cement holding company which is specialized in the cement industry.

Subsidiary & Affiliated Companies:
– Sepahan Cement (3.2 million tons/annum capacity)
– Shargh Cement (2.2. million tons/annum capacity)
– Shargh White Cement (300 thousand ton/annum capacity)
– Kalaye Rahnemoud Sepahan Cement Transportation
– Sepahan Cement Concrete Products
– Shafagh Sepahan Cement Pakatsazi
– Shargh Sepehr Transportation
– Shargh Cement Products
– Shargh Coal Mines
– Shargh Cement Industrial Lime Stone
– Kordistan Cement Company (1.5 million tons/annum)
– Gorous Trarabar transportation
– Dashtestan Cement Company (1.4 million tons/annum capacity)
– Mandashti Cement (under construction)
– Damoun Development Trading
– Azar Investment
– Day Investment
– Ghadir Iranian Engineering Service & Research Companies

Cement Holding

Affiliated Companies:
– Neyriz
– Khouzestan Cement Companies
– International Sarouj Boushehr Companies

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