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ifmat - Iran sent Russia over 100 million rounds of ammo

Russia became the largest investor in Iran

Russia has become the biggest investor in Iran, said Iran’s finance minister in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times.
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ifmat - UN Executions and trial procedures in Iran of deep concern

Iranian Lawyers Warn Judiciary Over Defendant’s Rights Abuses

A group of 45 Iranian lawyers and law professors has published an open letter objecting to the deprivation of fundamental rights for defendants amid a deadly government crackdown following ...
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ifmat - UN rights chief Iran executions amount to state sanctioned killing

UN rights chief: Iran executions amount to ‘state sanctioned killing’

The UN human rights chief said that the death penalty was being weaponized by Iran’s government to strike fear into the population and stamp out dissent, saying the executions ...
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ifmat - Four ex Turkish Airlines Airbus A340s disappear to Iran

Iran Receives Four Used Airbus Planes Despite Sanctions

Iran has received four used passenger planes to replace aircraft in its ageing fleet despite the sanctions in place, Iran's aviation authority confirmed on Friday."The four Airbus 340 aircraft ...
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ifmat - Despite US Sanctions Iraq Uses USD In Trade With Iran

Despite US Sanctions Iraq Uses USD In Trade With Iran

An informed source in Baghdad told Iran International that Washington has received reports on Iraq conducting trade with Iran using US dollars despite US sanctions.
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ifmat - US Warns Iran Over Death Sentences For Protesters

US Encourages Support for Iranian Protesters

U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Monday the United States encourages other countries to “stand with those brave protesters in Iran who are expressing rights that are as ...
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