Iranian protests are about freedom

As the Iranian people gather in their tens of thousands to protest a brutal Regime, many hope that soon the mullah’s reign will be consigned to history’s rubbish heap.

The only things that the Regime achieved after toppling the Shah was to bankrupt a rich nation, imprison a free people, and disappoint everyone who initially supported them, according to Abdulrahman al-Rashed, the former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel.

He wrote: “Youths paid the highest price when Khomeini assumed power. Universities were put under clerics’ management and women were suppressed. Leftists were the first victims of the newly-established regime although they supported it at Azadi Square (the Freedom Square), and ethnic minorities were restrained. The Americans realized that the characteristics of the right-wing movement in the West do not apply to the religious right-wing movement in the region. The latter movement was more hostile than any other party. Tehran limited its dispute with Israel over fighting over Arab zones of influence. Meanwhile, Arabs in the Gulf realized that Khomeini views them as his main enemy and that his permanent aim was to evoke the old sectarian religious conflict.”

These protests are not solely caused by the economic crisis in Iran but by the oppression that the Iranian people are suffering under. As the people are repressed, they finally reach a point at which they must resist.
Al-Rashed wrote: “Bread is not their only problem with Hassan Rouhani’s government. Their problem with the Supreme Leader’s regime is not related to oil prices. They actually oppose everything the regime represents. The majority of the Iranians are not religious and have national pride which they do not want to be marginalized by clerics.”

The Regime is working to serve themselves and the Supreme Leader; not the Iranian people. The Regime wants to spread its powers across the world through terrorist proxy groups.

Al-Rashed wrote: “The majority of the Iranian youths, who produce the best movies, recite the sweetest poems and hold concerts in cellars away from the Basij informers’ eyes, do not believe in this naïve and selfish ideology. For months. The Iranian people’s hatred toward the regime is real. Their slogans at recent protests condemned supporting religious movements in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. This feeling is greater and more dangerous than demanding cheaper bread prices.”
The people of Iran just want their freedom and they will get it, sooner or later.

Source » ncr-iran

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