Over the last 10 years, Hezbollah’s arsenal of rockets and missiles has grown dramatically. Today, the terrorist group has almost 10 times the number of missiles it had in 2006. In a December 22 article, Foreign Policy showed that this terrorist group has experienced such massive growth only because it is backed by Iran.

Last week, I wrote about how the Obama administration blocked Project Cassandra, an investigation that could have exposed Iran and Hezbollah’s worldwide drug smuggling operation. President Barack Obama was willing to sacrifice exposing these illegal activities in order to get the Iran nuclear deal. However, sidelining the investigation carried a heavy price that the Obama administration ignored: It made it possible for Iran to continue funding terrorist operations around the world.

Now the United States is essentially funding Iran’s terrorist network through the nuclear deal. That is the very definition of a Washington scandal! And yet you’ll hear nothing about it from most mainstream media sources.

Look at Hezbollah today compared to just before President Obama came into office. In the 2006 Lebanon War, Hezbollah had fewer than 15,000 rockets and missiles in its arsenal. It fired off 4,000 of those missiles during the 34-day war. That’s an average of 100 missiles per day.

Since then, Iran has literally flooded Hezbollah with weapons. Today, it has an estimated 120,000 to 150,000 rockets and missiles. As Foreign Policy wrote, that is a shocking transformation, especially when you realize that the United Nations declared after the 2006 war that rearming Hezbollah was illegal.

Well then, how did Hezbollah rearm? Where did it get the money to fund this? Clearly, it only came from one source—the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism. Hezbollah is getting stronger every day because of Iran! Over the past 10 years, Iran has given its radical Shiite ally the weapons it needs to threaten Israel’s existence. And through it all, the Obama administration did everything it could to empower the Iranians and their terrorist proxies!

Why does Hezbollah want so many missiles? Because it is preparing for war with Israel.

In the 2006 war, Israel faced 100 missiles from Hezbollah every day. In the next Israel-Hezbollah war, Israel could face a daily barrage of 1,200 to 1,500 missiles and rockets. The amount of damage that many explosives could create is almost incomprehensible. Thousands of missiles at once would overwhelm Israel’s defense systems, meaning that many of those missiles would hit their intended targets. Foreign Policy wrote: “With potentially thousands of powerful warheads raining down on crowded population centers, some Israeli planners are preparing for ‘as many as hundreds’ of civilian deaths every day during the conflict’s first week” (emphasis added).

This is not fantasy. It is reality! Hezbollah and its sponsor Iran are preparing for large-scale war—world war—just as many other nations on Earth are doing. And America is letting it happen.

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