In an unprecedented vote, the European Parliament passed a resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday.

The resolution condemned Iran for its attack on Israel and reinforced the European commitment to the security of the State of Israel.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz praised the European Parliament for its vote in favor of a resolution. It follows last Monday’s decision by the European Union to sanction Iran in order to curtail missile and drone production.

“Another Israeli political success and another blow to Iran,” Katz said. “We are tightening the chokehold around the neck of the Iranian octopus. The world understands that Iran needs to be stopped now before it is too late.”

The resolution passed by a large majority of 357 for and 20 against.

The main points of the declaratory decision

The EU calls to put in place the following measures: To include the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in the list of terrorist organizations; to expand sanctions on Iran, including on the regime’s oil and banking; to acknowledge Iran’s non-compliance with the nuclear agreement and give them an ultimatum to comply with the agreement of Resolution 2231 of the Security Council; to recognize Iran’s role in destabilizing the Middle East, including support for Hamas; and to call for the implementation of Resolution 1701 in Lebanon (cessation of hostilities by Hezbollah and their retreat above the Litani River).

This decision clearly demonstrates the European position towards Iran and, by proxy, shows its support for Israel.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz elaborated on the vote, saying, “The free world understands that Iran is the biggest danger to regional and global order and peace and the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world. The murderous regime in Tehran violates the nuclear agreement, develops offensive missiles, and exports the Shiite revolution to the entire Middle East and Europe through the Revolutionary Guards and terrorist organizations.

“The decision of the European Parliament is a milestone. We will work to impose crippling sanctions on Iran and curb its aggression. I congratulate the European Parliament for the important and unprecedented declaration today and call on all European leaders to act accordingly. Iran needs to be stopped now – before it’s too late.”

Foreign Minister Israel Katz posted on X in response to the vote. Responding to a post published by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday, Katz wrote in Persian, “Today, the European Parliament took a crushing decision against the Iranian regime, which is the head of a snake. False and funded propaganda against Israel no longer works. This is the political failure, and this is just the beginning of the story.”

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) welcomed the decision of the European Parliment. “The centrality of Iran in the destabilization of the whole of the Middle East is evident to all, and we welcome the Parliament’s resolution noting this fact. The time has come for the total exclusion of the Islamic Republic from the international arena and targeted sanctions,” EJC President Ariel Muzicant said.

“Iran’s threat is not only towards Israel and the entire Middle East but also to all Western democracies,” Muzicant concluded.

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