Previously, we exposed some of Mahan’s European collaborators who help Mahan spread QF terror against their countries’ agendas. Now, we’ll be exposing two more western companies who support Mahan Air.

کنار رودخانه زندگی می‌کنیم اما آب به ما نمی‌رسد.

BluJay Solutions GmbH is providing the customs management software for Mahan Air’s German branch. We wonder if they’re aware that ending their support could have a major impact on the entry of Quds Force personnel and equipment into Germany, and might even prevent the next terrorist attack in Europe.

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Please find attached DUS Invoice / form A – MFR (Düsseldorf).
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Mohammadjavad Danesh
Director Germany
Add: Flughafen Düsseldorf Terminal Ring 1 Terminal C / Office 1.727 40474 Düsseldorf
Mobile : +49 (0)178 3748 144
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Go & Away Travel is a Malaysian travel agency that works with Mahan Air. We have found transactions between Mahan and Go & Away valued at hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

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Appreciating, Please find the attached files related to cargo payments of Dec 2020.

arm 30

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Sales accountant
Mehrnaz Noroozi
Sales Accounting Dept.
T : +982148382813
E : Mehrnaz.Norouzi@Mahan.Aero

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