The power of resistance groups in Palestine is growing by the day, and have dealt heavy blows to the Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip, Masjedi stated on Sunday.

“The Palestinians are fighting with rockets today, but a day will come when they will not allow bombardments by the Zionists and they will obtain air defense weapons,” the IRGC Quds Force commander’s adviser added.

The remarks come amid an escalating military conflict in the besieged territory where the Israeli army has killed nearly 23,000 people, mainly children and women, since early October.

Palestinian forces have in recent weeks taken Israel by surprise on the battlefield across the Gaza Strip by inflicting heavy losses on Israeli troops. The Palestinian resistance movements say they do not face a shortage of munitions and other military equipment, and are ready for a long battle with the Zionist regime.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Masjedi noted that some six Israeli brigades, including the Golani Brigades, which is tasked with carrying out special operations, have had to withdraw due to defeats suffered from Palestinian fighters.

Source » farsnews