The Islamist government of the Islamic country of Iran is brutally treating people who join the anti-hijab movement. Iran’s government on Monday (January 9) sentenced three more people to death for waging a ‘war against Allah’ for their alleged involvement in the killing of three security forces.

According to the report, an Iranian court has found Saleh Mir-Hashemi, Majid Kazemi, and Saeed Yaghoubi guilty of ‘Mohrebeh’, meaning “war against Allah”, for killing security forces. However, according to another report, all the three convicted will be given an opportunity to present their case against their sentence. Let us tell you that the Islamist government of Iran has so far sentenced 17 people involved in anti-hijab demonstrations to death, out of which only 6 people have been given the opportunity of re-hearing.

Let us inform you that earlier on Saturday (January 7) also 2 people were hanged in Iran. Both these youths were accused that they were protesting against the oppression and death of Mehsa Amini. During this, security personnel died because of them. Three others have been given death sentences in such cases, while 11 have been sentenced to imprisonment.

Source » newstracklive