The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, urged the resistance front to stay alert against usurpation and arrogance, emphasizing the need to strike the enemy “wherever it may be reached.”

Sayyed Khamenei issued this call in a tweet shared on his official account on X, Wednesday evening, stating, “Maintain vigilance, resist usurpation and arrogance, do not underestimate the enemy’s deceit, and strike wherever it may be reached, with Allah’s help.”

Before this tweet, Sayyed Khamenei also posted in Hebrew on his account, emphasizing that the wrongdoings of the Zionist entity, including the martyrdom of numerous children and women, will not be forgotten.

The Leader of the Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran highlighted that nearly 100 days into the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian resistance remains resilient and prepared. He underscored that this stands in contrast to the weary, subdued, remorseful, and criminal Israeli entity.

It’s worth mentioning that Sayyed Khamenei expressed these sentiments during a meeting in the city of Qom on Tuesday.

Late last December, during a meeting with visitors from the provinces of Kerman and Khuzestan, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei said in Tehran that the “Zionist regime” will be eradicated and Palestine will be victorious.

“Do not doubt that the victory is with the righteous front. Do not doubt that the usurping Zionist regime will be eradicated from earth,” he stated, describing the past months of genocide in Gaza as “a unique and extraordinary phenomenon in the recent history of the Islamic world, the likes of which we haven’t had in recent history and perhaps in the last century.”

“This incident is unique from two sides. From the side of the Zionist regime, it is unique because this kind of brutality, criminality and bloodlust has never been seen in the period I mentioned… This kind of child-killing, with bunker-busting bombs thrown over patients in hospitals, this kind of cruelty and wickedness is unprecedented,” he added.

Source » almayadeen