The Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations condemned the recent ceremony on Kish Island, where schoolgirls were forced to carry symbolic coffins on their shoulders.

The event, titled Diver Martyrs, was branded by the association as an “unfortunate and disheartening practice.” The council denounced the use of children for political purposes, deeming it a “blatant violation of children’s rights.”

On Wednesday, social media platforms witnessed the rapid circulation of images depicting schoolgirls employed by the Basij organization to carry symbolic coffins adorned with the flag of the Islamic Republic. The ceremony was organized to commemorate the 175 Iranian divers who were allegedly buried alive with their hands tied during the Iran-Iraq War. The remains of the divers were repatriated from Iraq in May 2015.

Over the past 44 years, the Islamic Republic has methodically developed and maintained propaganda structures across society.

In Iran, propaganda plays a pivotal role in maintaining authoritarian rule. The government’s centralized control of cultural narratives stands as a fundamental function in authoritarian regimes. The Iranian state consistently relies on propaganda to assert its dominance, strategically manipulating people’s emotions for political objectives.

Source » iranintl