Iranians continue protests – at least eight rallies and strikes on January 10

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On January 10, Iranian citizens held at least eight rallies and strikes across the country to vent their anger and disappointment toward the status quo. In this respect, hundreds of retirees once again came to the streets in more than 17 cities in various provinces.

In their gatherings, people from different walks of life expressed anger at the regime-linked entities and individuals who have plundered their meager savings.

On the other hand, citizens voiced protests against the regime’s economic mismanagement, which has led millions of Iranian families below the poverty line.

Countrywide Rally of Social Security Retirees

On January 10, hundreds of retirees and pensioners affiliated to the Social Security Organization held rallies in different cities, demanding their basic rights. Notably, they had held another widespread protest last week. However, the government’s indifference pushed them to come back to the streets once again.

Lorestan province—in Boroujerd city, retirees held their rally in front of the Local Governorate. They protested the Social Security Organization’s failure to pay their arrears and rights. Due to the organization’s negligence, these people live in dire conditions and see no way to achieve their rights but resorting to protests.

North Khorasan province—in Esfarayen city, retirees and pensioners once again rallied to protest the Social Security Organization’s failure to pay their rights. Protesters staged their gathering in front of the local Governorate to voice their complaints.

The government’s mismanagement has left many people, including pensioners and retirees, in abysmal living conditions. In this context, people continue their struggle for basic rights such as overdue paychecks, arrears, and insurance pensions.

Markazi province—in Arak city, a group of retirees and pensioners affiliated to the Social Security Organization held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate. During their gathering, protesters vented their anger against the regime and its incompetence, which has put these people in dire living conditions.

Protesters also demanded officials pay workers and retirees’ their annual awards and remove the unfair Article 69 of the Labor Law. “Imprudent manager, resign, resign,” and “We would not give in before obtaining our rights,” they chanted.

Eastern Azarbaijan province—in Tabriz city, retirees staged a gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate. They protested officials’ failure to improve their living conditions and to pay their inherent rights.

These people spend their lifetime to serve society. However, the regime has ignored their cries in their old ages. This is while many high-ranking officials at the ages of 80 or more, including the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and his appointees at the Expediency Council, Assembly of Experts, and Guardian Council uncountably benefit from the country’s national reserves.

Isfahan province—around 100 retirees and pensioners gathered in front of the Provincial Governorate, protesting the regime’s indifference about their living conditions. They demanded officials follow up their grievances and pay their rights as soon as possible.

Ilam province—retirees and pensioners held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate, demanding their inherent rights. They also protested the regime’s negligence about their dire economic conditions.

Khuzestan province—in the provincial capital Ahvaz, many retirees gathered in front of the Provincial Governorate, demanding their rights. “Fair wages are our right,” “[Provincial] Governor, justice, justice,” and “Social Security [Organization], shame on you,” protesters chanted. They also vented their anger about the devaluation of the national currency rial against the dollar and its consequences. “You pay our wages based on the rial rate but inflation accounts on the dollar,” they chanted, adding, “This is the cry of hungry retirees.”

Tehran province—retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization held a rally in front of the Parliament (Majlis). They protested the regime’s failure to resolve their problems. Last week, they had gathered at this place. However, economic dilemmas and the regime’s inability led them to take to the streets once again.

Also, retirees staged rallies in many other cities, including Mashhad, Hamedan, Khorramabad, Karaj, Shush, Rasht, Shiraz, Qazvin, and Kermanshah. However, the regime responded to protesters with apathy despite their abysmal living conditions.

Rally of Municipal Guards

Eastern Azarbaijan—in Tabriz, the province capital, guards of the municipality held a gathering in front of the City Council. They protested officials’ indifference over their living dilemmas.

In recent months, municipal workers have held several strikes and rallies to voice their protests. However, the regime has yet to pay their wages despite these people’s work in the dire coronavirus situation.

Rally of Workers

Yazd province—a group of workers held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate, demanding officials implement the Supreme Court’s opinion. Recently, the Supreme Court was forced to vote in favor of benefit for the workers; nonetheless, officials have refused to implement the ruling.

“We, as workers, do not need your support, just do not harm us. Implement the Supreme Court’s vote. The litigation 3328 is the workers’ absolute right,” workers said. They also held up a banner which read, “The law’s vote, implement justice.”

Rally of Azad University Professors and Staff

Tehran province—professors and staff of the Azad University staged a gathering in front of the Majlis. They demanded equal wages and a 50-percent increase in their salaries.

“Implement the 50-percent increase in salaries… Balancing salaries and pensions,” they wrote on a banner. “Balance the wages of Azad University nurses with other nurses,” read another placard.

Rally of 1,000 Janitors of Public Schools

Tehran province—protesting their low salaries, around 1,000 janitors of public schools held a gathering in front of Majlis. Despite their hard jobs, these people receive a monthly wage of just 28 million rials [$110]. This is while the poverty line is 100 million rials [$400], according to official statistics.

In this context, due to rampant inflation and coronavirus consequences, these people have to bear additional pressure. On the other hand, on the cusp of Nowruz, the Persian new year, Iranian families regularly purchase new and traditional goods, which would put these people in even worse financial conditions.

Rally of Bourse Stockholders

Tehran province—stockholders of Tehran Stock Market once again held a rally in front of the Majlis. Following false promises by officials, many people invested their savings in the stock market.

However, they practically lost their capital due to the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies. In this context, stockholders hold ongoing rallies to win back their savings.

Rally of Doctors

Tehran province—doctors and physicians of Kargar-e Shomali district held a rally, protesting the plan provided by Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz, chief of the Health Ministry Food and Medication Organization.

They believe this plan would expand addiction to drugstores. They also called on the regime to provide credible Covid-19 vaccines.

Rally of HEPCO Workers

Markazi province—workers of the Arak HEPCO company held a rally in front of the company’s exit gate. They protested the production’s terrible condition and demanded the company settle its debts and support production.

“The company’s debts must immediately be settled to open the locks and trigger a production boom. On the other hand, the government must prohibit importing industrial and mining equipment that HEPCO can manufacture,” workers said.

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