Iran regime is behind the terrorist attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan

On 11th of January 2017, Eram News unveiled the interference of the Iranian regime in the terrorist attack occurred in Kandahar, Afghanistan on 10th of January 2017 and in which the Emirati diplomats were killed. The news reads:”Taliban renounced attacking Kandahar, Afghanistan and killing the 5 Emirati diplomats.”

The security sources of the Persian Gulf countries stated: “the Iranian regime does not conceal its expansionist intentions. Following the terrorist attack in Kandahar, the Iranian regime intends to force the Gulf States to stop helping Afghanistan. Thus, the Iranian regime could establish a base in Afghanistan to prepare and train terrorist groups for employing them to fight in the countries of the region especially Yemen and Iraq.

The Iranian regime is heavily involved in Kandahar. A few days before the explosion, Tehran has held an exhibition for commercial productions for three days and 40 state-run companies participated.

Afghan officials explicitly talk about the Iranian regime’s role as well as its efforts to create chaos in Afghanistan.

Afghan’s officials and media also stated that nearly a third of Afghanistan’s media is financially supported by the Iranian regime and the contents of programs are provided by them.

On Saturday, December 31st 2016, Al-Arabiya reported that Taliban militants have released the documents on their website, indicating that this group has relations with the Iranian regime.

On December 29th 2016, AFP reported that “The Iranian regime secretly aids Taliban”.

On Tuesday, December 27th 2016, the head of the council of Farah Province in the west of Afghanistan, Jamileh Amini uttered that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are actively involved in Taliban groups in Farah Province.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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