Iraq has summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires in Baghdad over the attacks in several areas of Erbil on Monday.

The state news agencies reported on Tuesday that the Iraqi government expressed deep concern regarding civilian casualties in residential zones, condemning what it labeled as Iran’s “aggression” on Erbil.

The condemnation follows a statement from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, taking responsibility for an assault on what they referred to as Israel’s “spy headquarters” in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. In response, the Iraqi government announced its intention to take legal measures against such actions, considering them a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and a threat to its citizens’ security. This includes filing a complaint with the United Nations Security Council.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards reported their attack on Israel’s “spy headquarters” in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region on Monday. Additionally, they claimed to have carried out strikes against ISIS in Syria.

The Israeli “spy headquarters” mentioned in the IRGC statement appears to be the residence of the Kurdish businessman Peshraw Dizayee, a multimillionaire who facilitated the export of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan to Israel. Dizayee and several members of his family lost their lives in the attack on his house, as reported by local medical sources. Dizayee had close ties to the ruling elite in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Shortly after the incident, Iranian state-affiliated media released footage purportedly showing the aftermath of the missile attack on Dizayee’s residence.

The developments unfold against the backdrop of escalating tensions in the Middle East, exacerbated by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militia Hamas since October 7. Iran’s allies, including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, have become involved, further complicating the situation in the region.

Source » iranintl