Iran carried out a long-range attack on Syria this week using its Kheibar Shekan ballistic missile, with Iranian media saying this was a “message” for the US and Israel. Iran is now attacking random areas in Syria to show off its missile capabilities. Iran uses the cover of “striking terrorists” in order to test the missiles’ precision.

This particular type of missile was unveiled in 2022, and Iran claims it has a range of 1,450km. It is supposed to have a high speed and have precision strike capabilities. This is a dangerous strategic weapon, and Iran claims it used it this week on Tuesday morning to strike at ISIS in northwest Syria. There is no evidence that Iran actually struck ISIS. In fact, it appears it carried out the attack on an area of Syria controlled by Turkish-backed extremist groups solely to show off the capability of the missile.

It’s important to understand the context here. Iran carried out attacks using missiles on the Kurdistan region in Iraq and also on Syria. It also then attacked Pakistan. Iran is flexing its muscles and showing off its capabilities. Iran openly claimed in its attacks on Iraq that it was targeting “spies” and “Zionists.” Iran has also bragged in the past about the capabilities of the Kheiber Shekan missile (sometimes spelled Khyber Shikan). Turkish media, for instance, said when the missile was unveiled that the “new missile likely to heighten tensions between Iran and Israel.”

Iran’s Tasnim News has now confirmed some of this. In a report on Thursday, the Iranian media, which is linked to the IRGC, noted that the attack with four of these missiles by the IRGC was carried out so “that the Islamic Republic of Iran could send a clear message to the leaders of the United States and the Zionist regime.”
A new low for Iran

It’s important to note here that Iran is openly admitting that it used these missiles to send a message to the US and Israel and that it basically targeted northwest Syria just to show off. This is a new low for Iran, firing missiles at countries just to threaten other countries. But it is also par for the course of the Tehran regime, which believes it has impunity to attack Iraq, Syria, and other countries.

It views these countries as its “near abroad” and basically views them as colonies where it can test its missiles and weapons. Iran also uses the Houthis in Yemen to test its weapons and has been doing so since 2015, sending drones and missiles to Iraq, Yemen, and Syria and seeing if the new Iranian weapons achieve the goals for precision and strikes that Iran has set.

Iran’s Tasnim now says Iran was targeting “Tahrir al-Sham and Hizb-e-Islami in northwestern Idlib, near the borders of Syria and Turkey.” Iran seems to be changing its narrative about the target, but it is also now openly admitting what it is up to.

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