With Volodin visiting Tehran at a critical world juncture, Iran and Russia appear to be moving in the direction of upgrading their ties to a strategic level within the framework of the 25-year partnership agreement that is under consideration in both countries.

While this partnership is conspicuously bilateral, it comes against a backdrop of a delicate moment in the world, with Russia and Iran both facing severe sanctions imposed by the West.

The sanctions seem to be creating a common ground between the two countries to boost their ties and lay the groundwork for a new, multipolar world order in the process.

Commenting on the visit, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali has underlined the need for close consultations between Tehran and Moscow amid a Western drive to protect Western-centric world order.

Jalali referred to the visit by Volodin to Iran. “The visit of the head of the Russian State Duma to Tehran amid the rapid international developments confirms the necessity of continuing close consultations between the two countries,” the ambassador said on Twitter.

He added, “Now that the West has exerted all its power for the continuation of the Western-oriented world order, the interaction between Iran and Russia in the forefront of the new international order strengthens the axis of the emerging powers.”

Source » tehrantimes