PayMon is a gold-backed crypto-currency card that has been launched by Mullah regime to hide their Bitcoin-Altcoin assets in their pockets. This also means that while a ‘counter-revolution’ is taking place, they can transfer their assets abroad and use them outside of Iran. It is a technology with PMNC infrastructure, and it cannot be traced. Therefore, using this method provides them to bypass sanctions, they can convert their Bitcoin-Altcoin assets into cash ‘anonymously and without commission’ via internet and mobile applications and outside of SWIFT or international banking laws throughout the world.

Farhad Dianat Sabetgilani, IRGC’s head of organization in Europe.

Usman Shahid Qureshi Pakistani businessman transferring IRGC’s cyber finance flow to the USA via Dubai

PayMon is an investment of the Association of Iranian Banks in Europe (AIBE) which has been established with the CBI directive of the Central Bank of Iran and the joint participation of Bank Mellat, Bank Melli, Bank Pasargad and Parsian Bank. AEIB’s headquarters in the EU is located in Frankfurt, it also continues its crypto finance activities actively.

What is the German government doing?
Iranians living in Germany should inform.
The name of “Farhad Dayant Thabit Gilani” is also mentioned in the founding document of the softqloud company, which does not impose sanctions for #AberArvan.
The representative of the Football Federation in the World Cup (the story of the contract for the national team’s uniforms with Adidas), the current representative of Foulad Mubarake in Germany, the IRGC’s intelligence agent whose name is also in the Mykonos assassination case!

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