The Ambassador of Yemen’s Houthi group to Iran, Ibrahim Al-Dailami, said the group uses Iranian expertise in the field of missiles and drones.

In an interview with the Iranian news agency ISNA, Al-Dailami said: “This is not something we want to hide or consider as a disgrace, and we welcome any country that wants to help us in this regard, whether it is Iran or any other country. We welcome Iran’s cooperation and experience in this field, and any other assistance that would thwart the aggression against Yemen.”

Remarking on international reports that Iran has sent weapons to Yemen, Al-Dailami said hostile media outlets are doing their best to claim that Iran is violating the UN resolution banning the supply of arms to Yemen.

“They lie in their media that these weapons are made in Iran, which is nothing more than a lie. All these weapons are manufactured in Yemeni arms factories, and Yemeni forces and specialists work in this field around the clock,” he said.

Source » middleeastmonitor